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Origin: Africa, Brazil, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan

Lore: Tourmaline has been used as a gem for more than 2,000 years, its name originating from the Sinhalese word turmali. An ancient Egyptian legend says that tourmaline traveled along a rainbow, thereby acquiring all its different colors. The tourmaline gemstone has the uncanny ability to become its own source of electric charge, as it is both pyroelectric, as well as piezoelectric. When the gem is put under greater amounts of pressure or when it is dramatically heated or cooled, it creates an electrical charge capable of emitting infrared waves and negative ions.

Mystical: Many say tourmaline induces a tranquil sleep, and according to legend, it protects the wearer against many dangers and misfortunes. Tourmaline increases flexibility, happiness, objectivity, compassion and serenity. Tourmaline is often associated with the heart chakra.


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