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Origin: Tahiti

Lore: According to one Tahitian story, the moon casts its light on the ocean to attract oysters. Once the oysters rise from the depths onto the surface of the ocean to bathe in the moonlight, the moon graces each oyster with a drop of heavenly dew. After the drop becomes polished, it shrouds itself with grey, blue, green, gold and pink shimmering garments, thus creating the dazzling variety of colors in Tahitian black pearls.

Mystical: Tahitian black pearls are believed to symbolize hope for wounded hearts. Due to the mysterious aura surrounding the black pearl, legends attribute healing powers to what is known to be a gift of God. It is astonishing how myths surrounding the creation of pearls are the same in the most scattered parts of the world. From Persia to Tahiti, and from China to Japan and Ceylon, pearls are associated with heavenly dews, tears, the moon and the feminine.

Tahitian Black Pearl

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