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Origin: Australia, Nevada, Ethiopia

LoreOpal is thought to have been discovered as long as 4,000 years ago, and myths and lore of the stone abound in practically all cultures.  The ancient Greeks thought opal to be the tears of Zeus and prized it as highly as diamonds, emboding the powers of foresight and prophecy. Roman antiquity speaks of an so-called “opalus,”or a “stone from several elements.” In the 7th Century it was believed that opals possessed magical properties. The Romans wore opals for centuries and considered them a symbol of hope and purity.

MysticalFor eons people have believed in the healing power of opal. It is reported to be able to solve depressions and to help its wearer find the true and real love, while the Romans carried opals as good luck charms. They believed opals instilled the gift of prophecies, warned of poison, brought good fortune, and protected against disease. Opal is one of the strongest healing stones, the stone of hope and great achievement. 


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